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The best things about Lancs Uni

The on-campus uni has plenty of things for students to do

So, as I think we can all agree, Lancaster Uni is, amazing. But just in case you have forgotten, or like me, a first year yet to discover what gems lie in the nooks and crannies of this uni, here you go.

The Library Tree (otherwise known as Norman)

Few universities can say that they have tree in the library, and even fewer can say they have a tree named Norman – why Norman you ask? That remains a mystery. Norman fills all those in his presence with happiness and the strength to get to the end of this weeks reading.

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Probably the only uni with a live tree in the middle of the lib

Greggs, Sultans and Pizzetta

Not even at the end of a night out, this iconic trio with give Lancs students the boost we need. Sultans is the signal of a night well spent; dance till you drop in Sugar and then back to Sultans to satisfy them late night cravings – £2 curly fries anyone?

As for Pizzetta, you will most likely end up here after a despairing look through all the cupboards in your kitchen and deciding that you cannot stomach another plain rice packet, for the fourth time this week! Just like Sultans, it is an amazing way to end a night out.

And finally, Greggs, the heart of Alex Square with queues a mile long and even more so now with the new Vegan Sausage Roll. The food from Greggs tastes even better when it turns up FOR FREE in your community fridge at the end of the day. Greggs holds the solution to any problem (if you can make it past the queues!!) late for breakfast? Greggs. Lunchtime and you’re craving a Mexican chicken sandwich? Greggs. Need a lil pick-me-up mid-afternoon after a two hour lecture? Greggs.

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A rare sighting of Greggs with no queue…

Woodland trail

For me personally, I love the Woodland Trail – it’s perfect for a nice jog or a leisurely stroll and as me and as my fellow flatmates will say, perfect for a much-needed power walk at 1am – who doesn’t need one of them?
The trail is picturesque and trails around the whole of the university, providing the perfect place for a spot of exercise.

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Woodland Trail is the perfect for an evening stroll

The ducks

Another ray of sunshine in the life of Lancaster students; the ducks provide us with funny stories and entertaining anecdotes to fill our everyday conversations, particularly when they end up in the library!

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Definitely better than the hissing Geese at York

24 hour access to the Library

For any book lover, this is heaven anyway, but for the students who leave their essay until the night before (yes, flat six I’m looking at you!) this privilege is like the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

24 hour access to the library means you can be up at the crack of dawn to be hitting the books, or just to pop in after a lecture. It also means when you’re forgotten to print your essay off the night before, a scramble into clothes and a quick dash in the morning will help you submit it on time. The library is also a great place to socialise, particularly around Norman!

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24 hour library access is perfect for doing last-minute essays

Annual Roses tournament

Every year there is the battle of roses between Lancaster Uni and York Uni, switching between each uni every other year. It's a great opportunity to cheer on your friends playing various sports, participate yourself, do your university proud and relax in the hot weather across campus. It's actually the biggest inter-university sports tournament in Europe, with hundreds of students taking part across both unis. Roses takes its name from the 15th Century civil war, the Wars of the Roses, between the House of Lancaster and the House of York.

Perfect weekend to get bevved, watch some great sport and support your mates.

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Supporting can be just as fun as participating in the sports


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Cartmel's 2017 Extrav: Great Gatsby

Probably the best three nights every year at Lancs, except for Roses. Extrav basically involves each different college creating a different theme: from under the sea to alien, from festival to cowboys to Great Gatsby. Tickets sell out pretty much instantly, so sometimes you miss out the more popular college Extravs like Grizedale and County. Per night two or three colleges host their Extrav event, which involves everyone dressing up as the theme, the whole college bar being done up to match the theme, live music and plenty of props.

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Grizedale Extrav Bar team 2018: Surf Theme

Even if you can't get tickets for the better colleges, all of them are worth going to – don't miss out.

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Pendle Extrav 2018: Alien Edition

College bars

College bars are an awesome part of campus and college life. They are the hub of all activity and a great place to chill during the day or do some work. Or the perfect place to pre-drink.

With the mix of bars on campus there is an awesome selection; Grizedale if you're feeling classy and in the mood for a cocktail, hit Trevor at Furness for the cosy pub feel or Fylde to catch the latest sport over a pint.

The bars are a great place for down-time during lectures and seminars with pool tables and board games galore. At cheap prices, great atmospheres and good food, Lancaster's bars are one of the best social aspects of the uni, with the majority of unis only having one student union bar.

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Grizedale Bar (a rare photo of a quiet Grizedale)

So, Lancaster is a pretty awesome uni with something for everyone, whether you like just chilling with your pals whilst on a walk or whether you need to satisfy the munchies after dancing the night away in Sugar, Lancaster a bit of everything for everyone.