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Meet Rollerblade Girl: A Lancaster campus mystery

Yes, she is single

A true campus legend, Rollerblade Girl has captured the imagination of many. Usually appearing after dark on Alex Square, with her light-up roller skates and seriously impressive skills, she has left us wondering whether she is even real or some sort of exam stress-induced mass hallucination.

In an exclusive interview with The Lancaster Tab, she told us a bit about herself, what she likes to do in her spare time and the struggles of overcoming an eating disorder and learning to love yourself for who you are.

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Comments about Rollerblade Girl in the Overheard Lancaster Facebook page

Eugenia (Rollerblade Girl's REAL name) is 19 and currently in her second year studying a Politics and International Relation degree. She is originally from Spain and, yes, she has a lovely Spanish accent.

Other than rollerblading, she enjoys music and singing and even writes her own songs. She also does weightlifting in the gym and occasionally writes science fiction stories.

It remains unclear how she is so good at everything but she just laughed it off and said that it was because she has a healthy sleeping schedule: "I just wake up really early, I'm a really early bird". Maybe if we took less naps we could all be like her one day.

She has been rollerskating for over seven years now and got into it as a kid, when her dad introduced her to it for the first time. After that she used YouTube tutorials to learn speed skating and various tricks.

At the start, she would only skate really late in the day when there weren't many people around because she felt self-conscious. But then she stopped caring about what people think.

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Eugenia's inspirational post on Instagram about overcoming her eating disorder

Eugenia also has a truly inspirational background story – she used to struggle with an eating disorder, which resulted in her not eating anything and her weight dropping to 44 kg. Rollerskating was simply another way to burn calories. But after her recovery two years ago she started to see skating for what it is – her favourite thing in the world.

Now Eugenia wants to get her story out there because she wants to let girls know that it doesn't matter what you look like as long as you feel confident. She said: "We all have a body and we should get comfortable in it. I really love seeing all these different body types on Instagram – they're all beautiful in their own ways".

Turns out Rollerblade Girl is the #bodypositivity queen we never knew we needed.

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Eugenia aka Rollerblade girl

Eugenia believes that more people should get into a pair of skates, especially for round campus: "Everyone should try it. Most people are afraid of falling but I fall all the time and it's natural. The freedom you feel when you skate is amazing."

Finally, to all of the people asking on Facebook: Eugenia is single so you could ask her on a date, but you'll have to catch her first.