King’s lecturer says Trump’s ban ‘makes sense’


Dr Adam Perkins, lecturer in the Neurobiology of Personality at KCL, recently tweeted the following take on Trump’s executive order regarding immigration.

Liberal consensus is that immigration policies are first and foremost viewed, not in human capital terms, but in human terms. That is why the UN has declared Trump’s travel ban illegal under international human rights law.

The comments Adam makes below his tweet only heighten cause for disquiet.

Here’s a link if you want to have a gander:

@danieldunne sensibly asks Adam: ‘is this analysis corrected for age, gender, education level? The point is not to judge people based on behaviour of their group.’

Adam unsettlingly replies: ‘if a migrant group is bad news I doubt national governments care much about the causes, they just want to keep them out.’

@danieldunne valiantly tries again: ‘I’m talking about individual human beings. A group being overrepresented on a graph does not mean each member is bad news.’ He also brilliantly observes: ‘Adam, as a man you are over-represented in murder statistics.’

Trump signing his executive order

Another Twitter user (bafflingly) tells Adam that they ‘admire his bravery’.

Adam replies: ‘Thanks, I try my best to call attention to data that can advance understanding of human capital, hence The Welfare Trait.’

Adam’s fan then says: ‘discrimination is an intellectual trait essential for survival…not PC though!’

Adam, from his laurels, responds: ‘Thanks – yes, the PC brigade squeal loudly.’

Eeeek Adam!