Just five reasons you should go to Elfingrove

Thinking of having a festive night out with your friends, family or partner?

My knees are bruised from falling on ice last night but at least that means I’ve become a better skater and get to tell you guys about the experience. And I would certainly do it all over again. Read on to hear five reasons as to why you should consider visiting Elfingrove over the festive period.

1. We as students get 20 per cent off

Whether you can actually skate or will fall flat on your face while doing a 360 spin (which I am quite proud of), by showing our student card at the box office for off-peak slots and super-early bird tickets we get 20 per cent off.

2. It is a good laugh as well as a niche thing to do in order to get yourself into the holiday spirit

It is a hilarious night out if one of you cannot skate. The ice is super smooth and easy to glide on, and if you cannot skate whatsoever then this is probably good and bad. If you’re a complete beginner then I recommend sticking to the side so the show-offs who act as if they’re competing can skate away! You get to go on the ice for just under an hour, but if it’s busy I would suggest leaving ten minutes before your time is up, which they luckily notify you about, so that you miss the rush of skate returns.

3. Elfingrove is beautifully lit up

You can even see the lights amongst the clouds as you enjoy your post-skate mulled wine or hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream while enjoying the views from the top of the wheel. You could even enjoy a meal or a decent amount of green apple candy floss for just £3 before you head off.

4. It has a great atmosphere

It was so nice to feel the Christmas spirit along with everyone else at Elfingrove. From the music and lights to the children dancing silent disco to the fall of fake snow, the atmosphere of this event was just so wholesome and heart-warming.

5. The staff there are so nice and welcoming

We were lucky to go off-peak and speak to the staff who tested the ice before we went on. The staff really try to help whoever they see has fallen down to help them get back up and or retrieve their phone lost on the ice. Admittedly, when I fell after my accidental spin, they came up to me asking if I was okay before me getting run over by other amateurs! The Elfingrove team in general is so friendly and they have a smile on their face no matter their station, a definite must-go for a break after studying for exams or to celebrate crushing exam season.

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