Here are the best places in Glasgow to watch England lose the World Cup

We can all celebrate it not going ‘home’ together

Happy World Cup season! Even if Scotland didn’t qualify and it’s taking place in the dead of winter, at least we can watch England try and fail from the comfort of a pub or bar. At the very least, I’m certainly excited to have any excuse to go out for a drink.

Full disclaimer, I myself am English, so please take this article for what it is – a joke (much like England’s bid for the win).

 1. Wunderbar (City Centre)

This is one of my personal favourites. It can get super busy but otherwise, the layout is nice, there are multiple screens and a good drinks list! Every time I’ve been here, I have really enjoyed it.

 2. Ark Glasgow (City Centre)

This massive pub with two floors, huge screens, a beer garden, and a pool table is a great place to hang out and keep up a game out of the corner of your eye whilst enjoying a night out.

 3. Record Factory (West End)

A West End dive bar and society social cult classic. This underground bar has a big screen to play the game. The tunes are usually good too.

4. Walkabout (City Centre)

Where else to discourage England than an Australian-themed bar? They have massive HD screens, food-and-drink offers throughout the week and pretty good vibes.

 5. Curlers Rest (West End)

An old-meets-new, laid-back pub round the corner from campus – all around a pretty nice place and handy for a lot of us.

 6. The Hall (In-Between)

Good American bar food options, loads of screens, and cheap weeknight drinks if I remember correctly. I would definitely come here again to pretend I’m watching the game.

7. Dram (West End)

Dram on Woodlands Drive is a great option for a semi-classy ‘football night out’. It’s pretty big with some good screen sizes and a great West End location.

 8. Boteco Do Brazil (Trongate)

Consider this somewhat of a curveball on the list. Brazilian food, a good drink selection, and a really unique atmosphere. Would 10/10 recommend – and take your English pals to laugh at them.

 9. The Scallion (West End)

A jukebox, a free pool table, and multiple screens in a pretty cool bar – what more to want? This bar just opened recently and is a great underrated spot.

There you have my non-exhaustive list of places to watch the World Cup this winter. What team are you supporting? Are there any other places we’ve missed? Let us know on our Instagram.

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