Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Glasgow uni you should really be at

No pressure here – only your degree on the line

If you’re as secretly obsessed with online quizzes as I am then you’ll love this one. Or if you’re as good at procrastinating uni work as I am then you will also definitely love this one. Glasgow has many acclaimed universities throughout the city and many people believe that the school you go to relates to your personality. Are you the ‘snobby’ UofG student? The ‘artsy’ GSA? Not sure? Well, now you can be sure!

Now that we’re all back to lectures and hopefully somewhat enjoying our first proper week I thought now was the time to let us all double-check if we are at the right school for us! This quiz will let you know if you are at the correct uni for you, and if not, then which uni you should be at. Totally no pressure.

Try our quiz below to find out if you belong at the uni you actually attend. Let us know on Instagram if we were right or wrong or completely out of line and keep an eye on this website for future life-changing, totally 100% accurate, not at all random quizzes.


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