Five ways Glasgow Uni students can help Ukraine

We’ve provided a list of resources


The current situation in Ukraine has been dominating newspaper headlines across the world. It is a situation that leaves many feeling helpless, questions arising as to what can we do here in Scotland to help.

Thankfully, The Tab Glasgow has collated a list of useful places where one can donate to today. These are just a few ideas of places to donate – of course there are many other charities that you can donate to as well. Read on to here more.

Donate to the British Red Cross

Already, 8,000 people living in metro stations have been helped by the British Red Cross. The charity has given 30,000 food and hygiene parcels and also provided Ukrainians with clothes and food. Even just donating £10 is enough to provide a hygiene kit for a family.

Donate to Voices of Children

Since 2015, Voices of Children has been helping children who have been affected by the conflict in Ukraine. They provide psychological support to the children and also assist the children in the evacuation process.

Fundraiser for Sunflowers of Peace

The fundraiser helps doctors and paramedics on the front lines, by providing them with first aid medical tactical backpacks.

Donate to the Unicef Ukraine appeal

Another way to help the 7.5 million children of Ukraine is by donating to Unicef.  Among other things, they are providing lifesaving supplies to families, as well as food and access to clean water.

Donate to the UNHCR refugee agency

The charity is giving psychological support, clothing, cash assistance, helping to provide emergency shelters and repair homes damaged by shelling.

We hope that you are able to donate to at least one of the above charities!

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