These are officially the fittest bachelors in Glasgow, now crown your winner

These boys are so hot you’ll need a shower after looking at them

We have selected the top four of the finest Glasgow bachelors just for you. It has all come down to this. Will it be Robbie, Sam M, Dumi or Sam F?

The time has come to crown your winner.

Robbie, 5th Year, Physics

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Tennis boy Robbie is a 5th year Physics student and his idea of a perfect date is apparently a riverboat cruise with a crate of yellow VKs. Swoon. He also revealed that his guilty pleasure was Shaina Twain’s ‘Come on Over’ album…what’s not to love?

How do you feel about making it to the final?

– Humbled, I didn’t think I’d make it this far.

What is your favourite chat up line?

I might not be Tom Petty, but I’m Free Fallin’ for you.

Favourite club in Glasgow?

– Easy one, the tennis club. ?

Sam M, 3rd Year, Geography

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Sam is a 3rd year Geography student and his idea of a perfect date is a trip to Peri Peri’s before taking a ride on the Subway. His guilty pleasure is also Taylor Swift. In the Shower. Singing. <3

How do you feel about making it to the final?

– Deffo more than surprised. Seems like I have really supportive friends? Btw is there a trophy to this?

What is your favourite chat-up line?

– I’m not sure you’ve heard of me, but they call me the big Daddy of Geography, and that I’ll be sure to rock your world.?

Favourite club in Glasgow?

– 100 per cent love for the Onion and Hive. Can’t help it that Viper and Kushion’s R&B room both have a place in my heart. Sad reacts only RIP.

Dumi, 4th Year, Civil Engineering

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Dumi won the second heat and would love to take someone on a date skateboarding in Kelvingrove Park just before watching an episode of ‘Murder She Wrote’. His guilty pleasure is never running out of Waitrose’s chocolate cake in his kitchen cupboard. Very fancy.

How do you feel about making it to the final?

– Thankful and ready. My Mum’s already ironed my shirt.

What is your favourite chat up line?

– *inserts phone number here* smoooooooth

Favourite club in Glasgow?

– KFC Colonel’s Club – only thing better than a spicy zinger burger with fries is a free spicy zinger burger with fries.

Sam F, 3rd Year, History

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Sam is a 3rd year History student and his ideal perfect date would be a trip to Greggs (just take me already?) He is also forever running late for everything and his guilty pleasure is snacking on pickled eggs. Yum.

How do you feel about making it to the final?

– Was there seriously any doubt that I wouldn’t ??

What is your favourite chat up line?

– Here’s my number. Do with it what you wish.

What is your favourite club in Glasgow?

– Flat 01, very sad to see her go 🙁