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What your university subject says about your sex life

Don’t worry engineers, you’ll be richer than us xo


If this isn't the most important reading you've done all week then I don't know what is. Obviously there are always exceptions to the rule so if you have a very active sex life engineers/medics/mathematicians I do apologise.

English Lit

CLEARLY you're a romantic with all the practice you've had in poetry and reading romance novels. You could charm anyone into bed with your endless list of enchanting vocab. Problem is, us normal folk will probably have no clue you were referencing Romeo and Juliet all night …

sex life: 6/10


You're likely to be pretty boring when it comes to chatting people up in clubs, since your degree is so dull (sorry its just you practice what you preach). Just like how you study the past… you're constantly hung up over your last relationships/flings stopping you getting laid.

sex life: 3/10



You may study the world and all of its populations, so you'd think by now you're pretty rad at sussing out how people work… but no. The only thing going for you is that you're at viper/sanctuary/hive everyday so you have a high chance of picking someone up on your walk home (because lets face it … is geography even a real degree?)

sex life: 6/10


Yes we're all attracted to you because you're smart AND caring (saving lives and all that), shame you have to work 24/7 otherwise we'd all jump at the chance.

sex life: 4/10



To be any good at this degree you've got to be crazy intelligent and since we can't have it all, it means you're either lacking in good looks or chat. Like medics, you also spend WAY too much time studying and are probably unsure of what a club even looks like.

sex life: 2/10


Not only are you GREAT at talking to people but are hella persuasive. So the likelihood that you take home whoever you pulled in the club is up there (99.9%). The second someone mentions business us girls go weak at the knees at the thought of men in suits.

sex life: 9/10


Do you even remember the last time you had sex? You spend so much time contemplating life that you couldn't possibly waste a second of the day grafting someone.

sex life: 1/10


Because you're so opinionated and full of morals, anyone with the slightest difference in view point to you gets patched. This makes your target audience of potential shags about 5% of the people in the club.

Sex life: 4/10

Definately study engineering …


You're pretty much mid range when it comes to your sex life. You're the average joe that works sometimes at uni so will probably go out once or twice a week and your chat is also pretty average (as long as you don't bring up atoms).

sex life: 5/10


You're probably shagging someone on your course because lets be honest you never really have time to be going to Hive on a Thursday. That being said, you're probably having pretty good sex cause you always aim high (over-achievers).

sex life: 8/10



Talk to any girl in a foreign language and they are instantly yours!

sex life: 10/10