Things you wish you knew before coming to Glasgow Uni

Doesn’t make it any less great, though

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I'm sure there are many times when we wished someone had warned us about a particular feature of the commitment we were about to make. Warnings that our new beau picks the dead skin off their feet, or that a certain someone will give you herpes. So, here's your warning, students. Listen carefully.

1. We have to put in a bigger graft

"Full time student" for the rest of the UK translates to 35 hours of study per week, but for us it means 37.5 hours. What. That's at least an extra 65 hours of work per year. Boo.

Smiles won't last long, friend

2. It's harder for us to get higher grades

To graduate with a first class degree, Glasgow Uni students need to score 80%. At the University of Edinburgh, along with a number of others in the UK, you only need 70%. Evidently, we're a lot smarter, but it's still frustrating.

3. GU is the most expensive uni to graduate from

I'd be a bit more careful with that scroll if I were you

Fact. It costs us £50 to graduate – £50 for a certificate, that is, not including the cost of hiring gowns. Most other universities offer a free graduation and throw in a couple of pics for good measure. Do I even want to graduate?

4. Cliquey AF unions

We have two unions, and the one that you associate yourself with will become part of your identity – that's not some Mean Girls threat. Choose wisely.

Sums it up

5. All courses are at least 4 years in length

May sound obvious to you Scots, but for those of us where a 3-year degree is the norm, it's pretty mind boggling. And, it's extra money.

6. You study 3 subjects in your first and second year

Again, this probably hasn't come as a shock to those of you who actually read the brochure, but yes, you're allowed to pick two other subjects on top of you chosen degree (or one if you're doing a joint). You can then freely switch to one of these if you prefer them to your initial choice. Nifty.