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Glasgow Uni library is going to be open for 24 hours

Now you can literally live there

An early Christmas present for those who leave essays until last minute, or love a last minute cram during exam season – from the 27th of November until the 15th of December all floors of the library will be open for 24 hours a day.

No longer does your caffeine and panic fuelled all-nighter need to be interrupted by library security at 2AM.

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However, how will the new opening times affect the ability to get a seat? Arriving a little too late, spending at least 40 minutes wandering aimlessly from floor to floor before having to settle in the round reading room or on a spare patch of floor on level 2 is a problem I'm sure many GU students are already familiar with.

As the library is now going to be open 24 hours, people will be able to come and set up shop for the night, meaning even keen beans that get there early the next morning might struggle to find a decent seat.

Also, as frustrating as the 2am closing time is, if you're cutting it close to make a deadline, at least it forces you to go home and eat food and sleep.