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I went to Scotland’s most haunted inn and it was bloody terrifying

Magners Dark Fruit was necessary to get through it


I honestly felt like I had won the lottery when I got invited to join a group of competition winners heading to the Drovers Inn for a ghost tour – admittedly I'm the world's biggest wet blanket when it comes to paranormal activity but the allure of free booze was too much for me to refuse. However, Magners had other plans for my poor wee soul.

To celebrate Halloween, Magners took a group of unsuspecting cider fans for a pint of new Magners Dark Fruit – and a bit of spooky fun – at one of Scotland’s most haunted pubs, meeting one of the ghostly ‘regulars’, Anna, along the way.

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The most haunted inn in Scotland

‘Anna’ made contact with the group with hilariously haunting results – watch the video here:

Paranormal investigator Innes Smith led the small group on a tour of The Drovers Inn at Loch Lomond, renowned as one of Scotland’s spookiest spots where numerous ghostly goings on have been reported over the years. Although Anna wasn’t entirely real, there are many others who haunt the halls of The Drovers Inn including ancient cattle drover Angus who wanders the pub screaming late at night, and a young girl who died after drowning in the nearby loch and can often be felt curled up in an icy ball in the bed of Room Six.

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Paranormal Investigator Innes Smith said: “The Drovers Inn is well known as one of the most haunted locations in the UK, and I’m pleased to say our trip to the pub didn’t disappoint.”

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Who's real and who's a ghost?

Janette Murray, Magners UK marketing manager said: “We wanted to do something spookily special to celebrate our new Magners Dark Fruit flavour. The Drovers Inn is a great bar and definitely worth popping past for a pint and a spot of ghost hunting of your own, you never know who you might meet!”

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