Vinicombe heroes catch burglars fleeing from student flat

Downstairs neighbours heard calls for help and ran to the rescue


On Tuesday night around 10pm, three male suspects attempted to rob a student flat on Vinicombe Street in Glasgow with a student returning to find the thieves in his room and most of his possessions missing.

Three men were seen fleeing the scene and a chase ensued as local residents tried to help. The area has seen a spate of robberies in previous weeks.

Neighbouring Vinicombe Street students Ciaran, Roger and Kaelan came to the rescue after hearing cries for help from next door. After a dramatic chase around the Kersland Street area, the boys managed to catch and hold one suspect until police arrived at the scene.

The Tab spoke to the good samaritans after the incident to find out how they pulled off the dramatic capture with one recalling “running after one guy down a lane by Kersland street into a building site."

Police were quick to respond to the incident

Police were quick to respond to the incident

At the time the students weren't sure how many robbers there were or if they were armed with weapons of any kind, so they waited by the alley way.

Onlookers at the time of the incident described “swarms of pyjama clad Scotsmen on the streets chasing after the thieves.”

It is suspected there may have been other members involved as look outs. The boys noted "One man walked by with a couple of cans acting suspiciously, saying he worked in a cafe nearby. He seemed overly interested in the situation."

Ciaran, Roger and Kaelan were accompanied by other students and neighbours who had gathered on Vinicombe Street.

The caught suspect was successfully detained in the back of the police van with the police commending and thanking the Vinicombe Street Heroes.

The police found a Puma hoodie at the scene, believed to belong to one of the robbers along with a bike chain which they have taken for further inspection.

If anyone has any more information about this incident, please contact the police.

The Tab would like to urge other students to take care when locking doors and windows as this crime follows a string of other recent incidents around the West End.