Student Fight Night 2017: Meet Glasgow’s fighters

Up close and personal and all of your questions answered

It’s one of the most hyped-up end of term events in Glasgow for students, but there is much speculation surrounding Scotland’s very first Student Fight Night.

Who’re the fighters? Who’s coaching the fighters? Who’s judging the fights?

The Tab Glasgow can answer all your pressing questions about the event, which is hosted at SWG3 on the 22nd of May, as well as introducing you to the fighters and their specs.

The coach 

The fighters are currently undergoing professional training to gear them up for the big night. The man behind it all is the well-respected Guy Ramsay at The Griphouse, a former pro fighter who also came third in the Worlds as an amateur. His gym has more coaches than any other in Scotland and has had numerous world champions through its doors.

Guy said: “Student Fight Night has a dimension unlike any other white collar event – this squad are all from a strong athletic background, they know how to graft and understand the pressure of a performance.

“As a coach, the main challenge is getting these guys to override their sport-specific movement patterns and make them move like boxers. They’ve been a great squad to work with. Roll on Fight Night!”

The judges 

It will be no amateur affair as there will be a professional referee, and the fight results will be decided by three fully-qualified boxing judges.

The medicals

There’s going to be an onsite boxing specialist paramedic, and after the fighters’ weigh-in on the night there will be a full pre-fight medical assessment.

The equipment 

The fighters will be provided with 16 oz gloves and pro head guards during the fight.

The charity 

Student Fight Night will raise money for charity Scottish Sports Futures, and as well as making their own contribution there will be a charity raffle on the night.

The after party 

Opening only for fight night, Sanctuary will host the after party which will go on until three am. There will be coaches ferrying spectators from SWG3 to the venue.

And the best bit:


Theo ‘The Last’ Hope VS Lyall ‘7-1’ Archer 

Theo: Weight – 107kg. Height – 6 ft 5. Wingspan – 77″.

We could not reach Theo for a quote, however his PR manager informed us that the month he spent living and training with kangaroos has been successful in readying for the fight.

Lyall: Weight – 108kg. Height – 6 ft 2. Wingspan – 74″.

I’m excited to get topless, hot and sweaty with Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Training is going better than the kite reduction efforts.

Ollie ‘The Cannon’ Gannon VS Haydn ‘The Mauler’ Merle 

Ollie: Weight – 74kg. Height – 5 ft 7. Wingspan – 68″.

It isn’t every day you get to fight in front of 400 plus people including your mates. I’ve got some boys from London travelling up for the spectacle. I can’t wait to have a tango with Haydn – as Robert Bruce put so eloquently, Haydn ‘I have brought you to the ring, now you must dance.’ Training is intense and quite frankly I’ve been tasting a lot of leather and my own blood.

Haydn: Weight – 71kg. Height – 5 ft 10. Wingspan – 71″.

I’m very excited to be a part of Fight Night as I’ve always found an interest in boxing and the skill it requires, but most of all I get to punch Ollie Gannon in the face for six minutes which I couldn’t turn down.

Forbes ‘The Wriggler’ Wigmore VS ‘Mad’ Max Russell

Forbes: Weight – 77kg. Height – 5 ft 10. Wingspan – 72″.

I’m looking forward to being part of such a big event. It’s one of those events when you see the rewards of weeks of graft. Training’s been tough but I’m learning every session.

Max: Weight – 76kg. Height – 5 ft 9. Wingspan – 70″.

I’m excited to be part of Fight Night because of the buzz surrounding it all. People watch the fights to be entertained so I’m looking forward to entertaining. Training has been hard but good and we’re all looking fitter and sharper than we did when we first started out. By the end of it all we’ll be in good knick for the fight.

Graham ‘The Mallet’ Malley VS Sean Quinn 

Graham: Weight – 100kg. Height – 6 ft 3. Wingspan – 77″.

It’s shaping up to be great craic, and I love a scrap!

Sean: Weight – 100kg. Height – 6 ft 2. Wingspan – 67″.

I’m excited about this event because I’ve never taken part in boxing and I want to prove to myself that you can do anything if you have the drive to do so. Training is good, hight paced and interesting. I’m really hoping to continue training after the event.

Rowan Brown VS Connor ‘Chubs’ Elliot 

Rowan: Weight – 72kg. Height – 6 ft. Wingspan – 72″.

I enjoy fitness and it gives me an excuse to train with my friends. I like fighting and I like drinking, so why wouldn’t I want to do both for a good cause? I feel like my training will show on the night – for better or for worse – you get out what you put in.

Connor: Weight – 81kg. Height – 5 ft 11. Wingspan – ‘Could be longer’.

I’m excited to see some good scraps and cheeky digs being thrown. Training has been going pretty well and I’ve been pumping some iron with my good friend Barry the Blender.

Iain ‘Silly’ Steven VS Matt McGrory 

Iain: Weight – 79kg. Height – 6 ft 2. Wingspan – 77″.

Since the age of five I’ve had an uncontrollable blood lust. So yeah, I guess I could say I’m pretty of excited. I love training, it’s fun.

Matt: Weight – 81kg. Height – 6ft. Wingspan – 72″.

This is always been something I’ve wanted to do having had mates take part in similar events down south. It’s a great occasion for everyone to get suited and booted to celebrate end of exams. Training is going well. It’s certainly one of the toughest sports I’ve ever taken up and at times sessions have been pretty ruthless, but Guy has been great. Hopefully I’ll make Iain look ‘silly’ on the night.

Oscar ‘The Golden Boy’ Welch VS Kanyin ‘Special K’ Fagade 

Oscar: Weight – 86kg. Height – 6 ft. Wingspan – 72″.

Really looking forward to putting on a show for family and friends. I love a challenge and being able to box in front of a large crowd is an opportunity I may not get again. The training has given me an insight into how hard boxing as a sport is as well as keeping me fit through the exam period. If anyone is looking to get rid of their kite, I’d recommend signing yourself up to Fight Night!

Kanyin: Weight – 84kg. Height – 6 ft 2. Wingspan – 80″.

I’m excited to fight seeing as I’m always getting into trouble on a basketball court so it’s about time I got in a ring to show what I’ve got! Training is going well I think. Everyone’s working hard and looking to put on a show.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Mills VS Marcus ‘Mad Dog’ Wallace 

Jake: Weight – 76kg. Height – 5 ft 11. Wingspan – 72″.

I’ve always wanted to do an event like this at uni. Since I’m away to graduate and this is the first Student Fight Night in Glasgow, I felt like it was the perfect chance to get stuck into one. It’s something not too serious that mates can enjoy too.

Marcus: Weight – 82kg. Height – 6ft. Wingspan – 75″.

I am truly excited to be going toe to toe with Jake Mills in this first Student Fight Night. it gives me, and more importantly Glasgow University, yet another area to come out on top of the Tech.

True Student is the event’s main sponsor. Iain Cameron, from the student accommodation brand, said: “True Glasgow are really pleased to be the main sponsor for Scotland’s first Student Fight Night.

“We are especially proud to have two of our own Ambassadors involved in the event – Theo who will be fighting and Darragh who has helped to organise the event. We really hope everyone attending and the boys participating have a good night and we’re looking forward to being there on May 22nd.”

There will be a raffle on the night, with prizes supplied from Bar Soba, BRGR and The Griphouse Gym to name a few, and proceeds will go to the event’s chosen charity. There will also be a Snapchat filter available for guests to use at SWG3 and Sanctuary.

You can watch the Fight Night trailer video here. More tickets are available online, via the Facebook page, from today.