Stop what you’re doing: A Harry Potter themed festival is coming to Glasgow

Who needs Diagon Alley?

To re-ignite the passion of the Potter generation, it has been announced that a Harry Potter themed festival will take place in Bearsden this summer.

Considering Glasgow Uni famously looks like Hogwarts – and some of the films were shot here – this seems an appropriate addition to Glasgow’s summer events.

Glasgow or Hogwarts?

The festival will be hosted during the last weekend of June, the 23rd to the 25th, and is set to include a wand making class, Harry Potter-themed food and drink, and even a real life Quidditch match. The festival marks the 20th Anniversary of the Philosopher’s Stone – the first book in the saga that captured the imagination of millions.

For many of us, Harry Potter formed an integral part of our childhood. Yet, as we aged our passion for Potter dwindled as we discovered the wonders of a VK and cheesy chips from BBQ Kings, but still, deep down, we’re all still fans of the saga.

Everyone put on your cloaks and grab your broomsticks – this weekend looks like it will be unmissible for any fans of Harry Potter.