How to dress like a classic West End Wanker

Spotted: sipping a skinny iced latte, in their favourite gap yah sweater

A walking stereotype, the West End Wanker can be found hidden deep within Papercup sipping a vegan, non-fat, almond cappuccino and discussing their wildly controversial political views, just loud enough for all others around them to hear.

But as much as we may loathe these edgy individuals you just can’t help wondering how they look so cool and laid back. And, which back alley charity shop is it that they find all these bargain buys? And perhaps, most importantly, how do they pull off that scruffy-yet-chic messy bun we can never quite achieve?

Well, look no further, we’ve gathered together a classic collection of all the ways you can get this archetypal look.


First off, get yourself a Kanken backpack. Preferably in a forest green colour. Nothing screams “I’m a Glasgow Uni student with lots of books to read” quite like an overpriced Urban Outfitters-bought rucksack.

Wear a scrunchie. Preferably a velvet one. Channel that inner 90s child in you and throw your hair up in a”I just rolled out of bed” style.

Dat scrunchie life


Throw on those scruffy Adidas/New Balance/Reebok Classic trainers. You don’t even need to be going to the gym. The transition of sportswear into streetwear has finally entered into the domain of preppy girls who NEED some comfy shoes while they rush across campus to their 9am lecture in the Western Infirmary.

Top and bottom halves

Oversized vintage jumpers and flannel shirts over baggy tees are a MUST. And you can’t have too many of them. On the bottom, you can get away with sports leggings any day of the week. If you’re wanting to dress it up a bit, get those mom jeans out – the older and more ruined the better.

Pretty cool tbf

The more it looks like you’ve stolen it from your Dad’s wardrobe the better.

Looking cool m8

The chequered flannel shirt – extra points if it’s stained – is perfect for those dreaded Fridays after Hive when your clothes need to represent how horrendous you feel.

The final touch

And finally, top off the look with a cap. This is perhaps the epitome of West End Wanker, ’cause lets face it, no one in Scotland ever needs to wear a hat as we literally never see the sun.

Epitome of edge

So there you have it, a definitive guide on how to dress in order to fit right in to Glasgow’s West End. But don’t stop here, these are just a few starter tips to help you on your way. And if all else fails just chuck on your trusty Glasgow Uni gym leggings (we all have them) and an edgy oversized t-shirt and you’re already half way there.