Genius Glasgow second year baked an avocado cake for her flatmate

And it looks completely realistic

Do you think your mum is good at baking?

Well, meet this Glasgow second year who not only made an avocado cake for her flatmate’s birthday but has her very own Instagram account dedicated to her crazy baking skillz.

The Tab Glasgow caught up with her to find out when she will be applying for Bake Off and if we can get our hands on the sweet delicacies.

Hi Kate! Where did you get the idea for the avocado cake?

It was my flatmate’s birthday and she loves avocados and the viral video of the wee boy getting an avocado for his Christmas, so it seemed fitting to make an avocado cake for her birthday.


Was it hard to make and how long did it take you?

I couldn’t find any pictures of an avocado cake on Instagram or Pinterest so I kinda had to wing it. I didn’t really have a plan of how I was going to do it so I just made loads of cake and went for it. I built it up the other way round, fitting it into shape and then had to flip it upside down which was kinda hard and took two of us because it was such a big cake! There were a dozen eggs and nearly 700 grams of both sugar and butter so there was a lot of cake. I did the whole thing in a day and even managed to squeeze in a wee library sesh.

What were the reactions to the avocado cake?

I don’t think my flatmates realised how 3D the cake was actually going to be so they were pretty surprised by the end result. They couldn’t figure out how it was going to turn out but I think it was a hit! When the birthday girl came in and saw it she was like, “It’s an avocado!!!!!!! Thaaaaaaaaanks!!” like in the video with the wee boy.

She was pretty buzzing with it and it must have been a hit as it only lasted like three days.

What’s your favourite cake you have made so far?

I was pretty pleased with the avocado but think my fave cake so far has to be my Christmas tree cake which I made a couple of times at Christmas time.


We have to ask, when are you applying for Bake off?

I don’t think I ever can now – a Bake Off without Mary, Mel and Sue is a Bake Off not worth living. Only snakes bake cakes on Channel Four.

If you could be a cake what would you be a why?

Coffee cake because I’m hot, strong and I can keep you awake at night (wink).

We’ve also heard you have an Instagram account, what does the future hold for this?

Yeah I started @katesbakesandcakes on Instagram in November, but I just do it for fun at the moment. One of my mum’s friends wondered why I was studying maths and not baking cakes every day so maybe one day I will open a cake shop, who knows!

All we can say to that is please open it in Glasgow’s West End.

If you aren’t already craving a cake from these pictures you can experience a real Kate’s Bakes and Cakes outside the Fraser Building on Friday  17th March from 11am-4pm, as she is selling them for the Dementia Society Fundraising Committee.