‘We’re actually completely non-partisan’: Meet the Glasgow Uni Politics Society

Everyone loves a bit of democracy

Ah, politics. Some people spend their whole lives discussing it, others avoiding it like a West End inhabitant avoids Aldi and Lidl.

We thought that, in light of some recent political debate surrounding the Glasgow Uni Rector nominations, it would be appropriate to introduce you to the Glasgow Politics Society.

Whether you’re a hardcore Scottish Nationalist, an unapolgetic Thatcherite or someone who simply doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, there’s bound to be a place for you in this wonderful society, which revolves more around alcohol than political debates.

Josh, President, and Marco, Vice President

Josh, what are some of your presidential duties?

As president, my main job is to oversee board meetings and make sure that everything’s going well and everyone’s doing their jobs properly. As well as that, I help organise events and contacts MPs to see if they’ll come and deliver talks, and I contact the University and the School of Politics spokesperson to help co-ordinate events.

What’s your favourite memory from the society?

My favourite memory is probably the first subcrawl I went to in first year. Basically we all got kicked off the subway because we were being too rowdy – we were just being really loud and glasses got smashed and stuff. But then the society paid for everyone to get taxis round the rest of the subcrawl route – it was amazing!

Why should people join the society?

We’re actually a non-partisan society, so we’re really inclusive of people from all political backgrounds. We don’t actually speak about politics that much – many people do because it’s a rare chance for them to seize this kind of opportunity, but others just come for a drink and to chill out and chat with their friends. We also have the best subcrawl out of all the societies on campus, so people should definitely come along to that!

Marco, tell us about your favourite event at PolSoc?

My favourite memory has to be the subcrawl. We do one every year and it’s how I met everyone in the society. I’m still in contact with everyone I met that night and some of them I’m still really close friends with. Another good one was when we had our American Election screening with all the other political party societies. It was a really good opportunity to meet more people who had an interest in politics but weren’t necessarily studying it.

What’s your role in the society?

My duties are really similar to Josh – when he’s absent I oversee the board meetings, overlook what’s going on and how the society functions. It’s more of a shared role between us rather than a hierarchy to be honest. I also help in running and planning events as that’s technically my responsibility.

Amrita and Molly, second year and first year reps

Amrita, why do you think more people should join?

It’s a really relaxed society, all the board members are so lovely and a great team which means we do loads of amazing events.

Do you have a favourite memory?

Probably the first day I came to the society – which also happened to be the day that I ran for rep! I wasn’t even in the society, I just came as someone’s friend, but I got convinced to join and run and I actually won! It was amazing, it was so spontaneous and everyone was so welcoming.

What’s your job in the society?

I’m the second year rep, which basically means I have to spread awareness of the society, market events and encourage people to come along.

Why did you join Molly?

I joined because I’m studying politics and went to the first social. I thought everyone was very welcoming and easy going, and it was lots of fun.

What’s your job?

It’s my job to encourage and invite first years along to the events to try and get them involved in the society.

Tell us about your favourite memory from the society?

My favourite memory of PolSoc was the Board potluck dinner that we had at the President’s flat, which was good fun and ended with Hive (of course).

What’s the best PolSoc event ever?

The best PolSoc events are definitely the subcrawls which have a big turn out and are great fun.

Thea, a member of PolSoc, and Becca, Social and Events Convenor

Why do you come to the society, Thea?

I love coming because it means I get to see my friends. Sometimes we do talk about politics but it’s usually just social fun. It’s really good because I can meet interesting people from other years who aren’t on my course as well.

When did you join?

I joined last year – me and my friend thought that we didn’t know enough people form Politics and wanted to meet more people from the course. Although now I think maybe I spend too much time with them!

Why did you join, Becca?

I joined in second year with two of my best pals because we all felt like we hadn’t made much of an effort to get involved when we were in first year and wanted to meet some new people on our course.

What’s your role?

My role is to organise our weekly events and PR them on social media as well as coordinate with the other board members on bigger events like our upcoming Social Sciences Ball, and the very successful Christmas dinner in December.

What’s your favourite memory as part of the society?

My favourite memory is probably the first subcrawl I went on – it was the first event me and my friends went to and we just turned up not knowing anyone but each other and it ended up being such a great night. Everyone was so lovely that we then came to every event after that and I eventually ran for board. I think our American Election screening was a really great night despite the result – we got such a big turnout and it was just a really good atmosphere.

Daniel, Treasurer

What’s your role?

I’m in charge of budgeting events and managing membership money.

What’s your best memory as part of the society?

I’d say my best memory was being elected on board of the best society on campus and the best event was probably the subcrawl in September – we got a fantastic amount of people to turn up and it was a great night.

Well, there you have it. If this wasn’t enough to convince you to join one of the biggest, best and booziest societies on campus, we may be allowed to reveal to you this special nugget of info – there’s going to be pub golf later this month (!) which is the perfect first event to come along and meet people.