What joining a sports society at Glasgow means

It’s not just about winning

Your days of being a couch potato are long gone, as with 50 GUSA sports clubs to choose from at Glasgow there’s definitely something for everyone out there.

Even if you have never been part of a sports club before and just wanted to give something new a try, there’s a place for you. I’m here to tell you that there’s more to sports clubs than just the sport itself.

The nights out

Forget about ever wearing normal clothes on a night out with any of your teammates. Be prepared to dive into your dress up drawer and get creative with costumes. It isn’t a true team night until you are all looking totally ridiculous together.

The cutest group of Tennents you ever did see

Someone will be made the dreaded team boy or team girl for the night out – freshers, you have been warned. If you manage to make it to the end of the night then we applaud you. Whether it be dressing up as a banana, handcuffed to the other team boy/girl or forced to carry around an egg all night without breaking it, you are certainly in for a treat. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Pulling it off

You’ll (usually) never have a quiet Wednesday night again. Regardless if you end up in Viper or Sanctuary, you’ll be sure to be surrounded by your fellow sportsmen. In a sea of toned bodies and beautiful abs, sports teams are out to party hard, plus there’s always free entry. What’s not to love?

Team matez

The fitness

You may manage to escape the dreaded Freshers’ 15. Due to the demanding training and gym classes with team mates, despite drinking almost every night and having your fair share of Domino’s, it’ll all be balanced out in the long run and you’ll be feeling fit as a flea. (At least we hope it will).

Go, Glasgow

The friends

You will undoubtably make life-long friends. Whether you’re all toughing it out together hungover at training or bonding over a Pint of Fun on a social, these guys and gals will stick by you throughout uni. You are in it together after all.

Two girls one can (of Bru)

You’ll get to know the Glasgow really well

You’ll probably end up experiencing all that Glasgow pubs truly have to offer. Pub golf and subcrawls are a must when it comes to a sporting social and you’ll be sure to end up in some unique places (thinking about you, Govan) . Whether you remember visiting them or not is a different story.

Ultimately, there are many pros which come with joining a sports team at Glasgow Uni – you don’t have to be particularly good at sport, and you get some cracking friends out of it. What’s not to love?