Glasgow has been crowned the friendliest city in the UK

Are we even surprised?

Glasgow has been crowned the friendliest city in the entire UK, and we can’t say we’re surprised.

With the city’s very slogan being “People Make Glasgow”, our turf is renowned for its friendliness.


The survey was carried out by a consumer panel on and participants were asked to discuss how they feel about different cities across the country.

Glasgow sped into the top spot as the friendliest, followed by Newcastle in second place and Liverpool in third.

Glaswegians agreed that the best thing about the city is the friendly people, followed by their shops, culture and transport links.

Students studying in Glasgow could not agree more with the decision. Stephanie, a Multimedia student studying at Glasgow Caledonian Uni, said: “I am really proud of how far Glasgow has come. Glasgow has the most amazing people and culture. It’s is the hub for creativity. People really do make Glasgow.”

Becky, an Applied Psychology student studying at Glasgow Caledonian Uni added: “I am not from Glasgow, but it makes me really happy to see this. Glasgow has memorable people and a lively atmosphere and a rich culture that no one can ignore. I wouldn’t be happier staying anywhere else while I am studying.”