Artists have created masterpieces from the Glasgow School of Art fire debris

They’ll be auctioned in March

Renowned artists have created works from the debris recovered in the Glasgow School of Art fire that broke out two years ago.

Glasgow School of Art

The fire, started by a canister of expanding foam reacting to a hot surface, saw one of Glasgow’s most iconic schools engulfed by flames, but this project is helping to bring a more positive side to the disaster.

The Macintosh Library is currently being rebuilt, and The Macintosh Campus Appeal have asked a group of 25 international artists, including Grayson Perry and Jenny Saville, to create an array of works inspired by the concept  “Ash Not Art”. The pieces range from photography and painting to sculpture and installation.

One of the pieces

All pieces will be displayed and auctioned at the Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sale in March with all the proceeds going towards the restoration of the Macintosh Library.

Grayson Perry, one of the artists involved, said of the fire and the project: “It’s a tragedy. It’s the most famous art school building in Britain. It’s also the masterpiece of Mackintosh. It’s a double tragedy. I was very excited when I received the box of charcoal. I had an idea almost immediately and the idea of making an urn was an obvious thing to do. The idea of memorialising or celebrating the difficulty – honouring the wound. It’s something I’m trying to do. Move on and make the most of it. ”

Grayson Perry’s urn

“Ash Not Art” will be displayed at London Christie’s from 3rd-7th March and then auctioned at the Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sale on Wednesday 8th March.