Glaswegian remain voters attend demonstration at George Square

‘We love EU guys’

Following last week’s “leave” vote, pro-EU supporters congregated at Glasgow’s George Square on Wednesday. The event was set up by Glasgow for Remain and Young European Movement Glasgow, mirroring the demonstration in Edinburgh outside the Scottish Parliament.

The event was triggered by the First Minister’s move for Scotland to stay in the EU, with 62% of Scotland voting to remain, despite the UK voting to the contrary.

Saltire flags were flown as well as the Scotland “yes” flag. The Catalonian flag was also present as the Brexit campaign is analogous with Catalonia’s desired separatism.

Members of the crowd held signs with slogans such as”we want EU” and “we love EU guys so much”.

Police showed up at the event but quickly left when told that the demonstration would be “peaceful and safe”.

SNP supporters gathered holding a “Stronger for Scotland” banner. A photograph of the late Labour MP Jo Cox was laid down along with flowers.

Political leaders in Brussels have shown a “willingness to listen” to Nicola Sturgeon as she voices that Scotland being forced to leave the EU is “democratically unacceptable”.