There was a typo in a Glasgow Law exam changing the question entirely

They were only told 40 minutes in

A date was spelt wrong in a first year Law exam on Thursday.

40 minutes in to the first year Obligations 1B exam,  students were told there had been a mistake with the date in one of the questions in the paper, making the question completely different.

A student sitting the exam said: “We only really need about 30-40 minutes per question. So I’d already finished that question and I’m sure others would have as well. We weren’t given any extra time to fix our answers so obviously felt rushed and worried.

“We were also split into two halls and the other hall hadn’t been told about the mistake, so the question that they answered was different and obviously they hadn’t had the disruption. I just think it seems unfair on everyone, and we’ve not heard anything from the Law school on if this is going to be taken into account”.


Another student commented: “For the best rated law school in Scotland they instil the idea of attention to detail and meticulously planned answers to us, but somehow make errors in their exam papers to the extent that it affects the answers given.”

A spokesperson for the University of Glasgow said: “We acknowledge that an error was made in relation to a date included in one question in the Obligations 1B exam.

“We can reassure students that the date error has been taken into account in the marking process and that no student has been disadvantaged.”