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Food prices in the Fraser building

There is nothing worse than when you’re in for a full day of study and you forget your packed lunch. The Fraser building prices for sandwiches are absolutely ridiculous, and not even that tasty. And they even charge for hot water. We are your students, stop ripping us off.

We have no clue why she is smiling

We have no clue why she is smiling

Roadworks all over uni

How are we supposed to do anything in life when the roadworks at uni literally hinder you at every step? Life at the moment is all about the yolo when it comes to crossing Uni Avenue. And it just looks ugly.



The building works at uni itself

Aw mama those poor freshers have never seen the tower in all its glory. Scaffolding has dominated this semester, and it’s just ugly. Gone are the photos from Kelvingrove, with uni looking so pretty in the background. Gone is the cheeky snapchat story, informing all your pals that your uni is prettier than theirs. What even needs to be fixed anyway?



People who take the lift, when they are going up one floor

Please just walk. There are people who are trying to get to level nine plus, so why on earth you feel the need to press fourth floor when you are on third and could genuinely walk up that flight of stairs faster? The lifts get overcrowded as it is, so why annoy the shit out of everyone? Take the stairs.

This is how we feel about you lift wankers

This is how we feel about you lift wankers

Tab Glasgow

I mean, we will probably win this, but you know.

We're great you know

We’re great you know

West End accent

But like we’re such good chat? With the overuse of the work “like”, and a general air of superiority over the normal Glaswegian accent, the West End wanker goes to another extreme. Even Kevin Bridges has made fun of it.

Ultimate West End Wanker

This doesn’t really need a caption


Why have a sports complex so fucking far away from uni itself? Hordes of sports clubs have to haul their arses over to the shit stain which is Garscube, and that involves car shares and expensive taxi rides. Not really fair, when all you want to do is play a sport you love and train for the next match. And the grounds aren’t even that great. 

Isn't it delightful

Isn’t it delightful

We don’t get Wednesday afternoons off

Anyone remotely sporty will hate this. Glasgow just refuses to give Wednesday afternoons off, despite many teams having matches all over Scotland and across the border. How are you meant to pass uni and do well for your sport, if you’re missing lectures left, right and centre?




Okay, so this isn’t really in the West End or uni. However, rivalry. But Strathclyde isn’t a real university, it’s a polytechnic college. I mean, what sort of educational institution doesn’t offer an undergraduate course in classics? Their hatred for the West End just demonstrates this inferiority complex, which simply stems from the fact Glasgow is better.