Daylight robbery: Glasgow Uni charge for hot water

And we have to fork out for forks

If you thought paying 5p for a bag in Tesco was bad, then listen to this.

After paying £9000 a year for tuition if you’re from England, you also need to fork out even more money to pay for cutlery and hot water.


We need to pay the disgusting price of ten pence, ten whole pennies for a shitty white plastic fork from the library.

It truly is daylight robbery, you’ve gone all the way to the library to do some work, and just because you’ve forgotten your own fork, you’re forced to pay this price.

And you don’t even want to eat the green salad you made yourself so it just makes parting with that 10p that little bit harder.

Otherwise, I’d be the next sensation on YikYak when people saw me eating my chicken, basil and mozzarella pasta with my hands.


And it gets worse, our basic human rights are practically being violated because if you need hot water, you have to pay a tragic 46p.

I mean, really, how did they get 46. It’s a very specific number.

What is this fresh hell?

In America you get fined for J-walking, in Glasgow you get fined for forgetting your fork. It really puts things into perspective.

They probably aren’t even recycled.

I'm shocked at the price I have to pay!

Disbelieving laughter ensued

Fraser Building

The Fraser building go even further, by charging a measly ten pence for chopsticks.

What kind of sick massochist charges poor students for an eating utensil they probably can’t even use without looking like Edward Scissorhands?

It must have been the same person who built the Uni on top of a massive fuck off hill. Dicks.

So when in need of an eating implement and you know you’ve got to pay 10p anyway, go with the chopsticks. They would make eating lettuce a whole lot more fun.


But in all seriousness something really must be done, otherwise we’ll find ourselves having to pay for oxygen in the bloody library.