Anti-semitic Polish football yobs terrorise Kelvingrove Park residents

They were chanting and performing Nazi salutes

Polish football yobs have been chanting and performing Nazi salutes in Glasgow city centre, ahead of their nation’s match against Scotland.

Tonight, Poland play Scotland at Hampden Park in a crucial Euro 2016 qualifier.

The thuggish gang of roughly 70 men gathered outside a church on Derby Street this afternoon, singing chants in a foreign language and making fascist salutes at passers-by.

Police turned up after 10 minutes to move the group on.

The men have been seen hanging around Kelvingrove Park all day, drinking beer and menacing passers-by.

When approached by a Tab reporter, the men jeered her and told her to fuck off

One eyewitness, Bethany, 20, said: ”I was doing my seminar reading, and I heard a lot of shouting, so I looked out the window and there were tonnes of men. I shut my blind because I was so scared.

“Some of them were raising their arms in a Nazi salute, I was so shocked. I was unsure what they were chanting about, but the salutes made their meaning very clear.”