Homeless dog clinic Trusty Paws are expanding to London

It was set up by nine vet students

A year on from launching their clinic in Glasgow, the team of vet students behind Trusty Paws are opening a new clinic in London.

Ruby Shorrock and her team recently journeyed down to London to give a presentation to visiting students at the Royal Veterinary College about Trusty Paws.

Ruby and the original Trusty Paws team

Ruby and the original Trusty Paws team

Since opening in Glasgow, the clinic has provided free check ups, vaccinations, food and flea/worming treatments for dogs owned by the homeless.

The team are currently in the process of training the new committee for the London-based clinic. Ruby, founder of Trusty Paws, said: “We are very excited to be training up a new group. It will be really interesting to see how their team dynamics work. We are hoping to have the new clinic open in the next few weeks.


“The public support has been fantastic, we never expected Trusty Paws to do so well. It started locally with a few fellow students, doing our bit for charity, and it’s affected us in such a big way. It is so rewarding to see the impact of our work and the relief it provides.

Although the clinic isn’t linked to the university, Glasgow has shown pride in what they’re doing: “The university has always shown their support and values the work that we do.


The online support for the clinic has been fantastic. “A year on we have nearly 3000 Facebook likes and still we have received nothing but positive feedback.

“We receive incredible donations from the public. Many donations are sent from our Amazon wishlist, as well as second-hand donations. Seeing how much people care about the clinic has only driven our motivation.

“We feel more rewarded than ever, more passionate than ever.”

For more information on ways to help and donate, check out their Facebook page.