Bamboo and Kokomo evacuated after fire alarm

Someone’s moves were on fire last night

Partying freshers were sent home early last night after Bamboo and Kokomo were evacuated following a fire alarm.

Fire engines were called to the two Glasgow clubs around 11.15pm, though it remains unclear what triggered the alarm.

Eyewitnesses said everything seemed fine until the house nights suddenly came on and everyone was asked to wait outside.

One eyewitness, Sarah, 19, said: “We were all dancing when the lights came on and we were told ‘guys its time to go’.”

Always time for a selfie

Always time for a selfie

Clubbers spilled out onto the surrounding streets, unsure whether to head home or wait for readmission. Some brave souls continued to queue in the cold after being told the situation would be resolved in “20 minutes”.

Wardens shepherded people onto pavements but despite this many there have reported a sense of general confusion, with people with re-entry stamps mixed in with others who had still been queueing outside when the alarm went off.

One very confused partygoer

One very confused partygoer

The firemen were greeted with cheers when they got off the fire engines, with most of them looking abashed by all the attention they were receiving.

Both clubs were holding freshers week nights, offering one pound drinks and free entry with a student card. It’s yet to be confirmed how much the alarm is likely to have cost both clubs.
Kokomo and Bamboo are both yet to issue any statement.