How to make friends in Freshers’ Week

Alcohol helps

James Ansell, 2014 graduate, Psychology

James Ansell 4

Make pals and get involved in extra-curricular activities would be my first suggestion. Either get drunk with your flatmates ASAP as you’ll be firm friends overnight or, if you’re not in halls, make an effort to make at least one friend in your first class.

Also, go to the Freshers’ Fair. There’s so so many clubs and societies to join. They’re fun, you can probably make them look good on a CV and you’ll easily make pals. Go to the unions, go to the social events, nightclubs and bars. Glasgow has the best unions and it’s where I feel I made most of my friends and got a lot of confidence and general life experience (event planning, PR etc) by getting involved and getting on board.

Sagar Ghelani, 3rd year, Economics

Making friends in Freshers’ Week is simple because everyone there is in the same boat. Freshers’ Week is like kindergarten for uni students, you can literally go up to anyone and start a conversation. Go to the Freshers’ Fair and sign up to any and every club you have any sort of interest in. Unis pride themselves on having a huge selection of clubs so there will be at least one for you out there. A lot of clubs also have taster sessions you can attend and make friends who have similar interests to you.

The best thing I did was join a sport. It’s great fun and it’s possibly the easiest way to make new friends. Your flatmates will probably be your best friend in freshers’ because you spend so much time together but try and get to know as many people as possible. It’s well worth the hassle.

David Guthrie, 3rd year, Mechanical Engineering

David Guthrie 2

I think freshers’ nights are probably the best way to get out and meet the most people right away but I can’t stress enough how much getting involved in a sports club or uni society makes life so much more fun here at Glasgow. It’s a solid way to meet people who enjoy the same things you do and my greatest regret so far was not joining Swimming & Water polo in my first year.

There’s so many options when it comes to both sports and societies so I’d recommend everyone takes some time to find the ones that look good to them and check them out.

Nathan Stilwell, 3rd year, History

Nathan Stilwell

Go to the daytime events, even if you are hanging out of your arse. The daytime events at both unions are sweet. Then get involved with as many societies and sports as possible.

Alison McFadyen, 2nd year, Law


Join clubs and societies you’re genuinely interested in. You’ll find like-minded people who you are more likely to have things in common with than if you just join what your flatmates/coursemates are doing. If you’re underage, find someone else who is and befriend them so you can have a night in when everyone else has a night out.

Douglas Paton, 2nd year, Physics with Astrophysics

Douglas Paton

Be willing to talk to people, especially if you stay in halls. You can’t be afraid or nervous of what they think. Also, alcohol helps for the first few nights, and drinking games are always a good way to get to know people. Finally, probably joining a few uni unions/clubs can help.

Megan McGibbon, 3rd year, Psychology

Megan McGibbon

Enjoy nights out and make that best friend in the bathroom, but try to remember their name the next day and actually follow through on those plans you made while steaming. Join clubs and societies. Even if you’re hanging try to get some cereal into you and force yourself to go to those taster sessions. The last one is especially good if you’re feeling a bit left out if you’re not staying in halls. You CAN join societies by yourself, it’s not weird…

Catherine McKenna, 3rd year, Chemistry

Catherine McKenna

Go to as many of the union events as possible. Pick up as many of the free vouchers on University Avenue as you can and knock on your halls neighbours’ doors and find out who lives above and below you because you are going to see them all year and it’s nice to say hi to someone when you see them passing to and from uni.

Kate Jennings, 2nd year, Medicine

Kate Jennings

Make an effort to say hello to everyone, but if it’s not working then don’t force it. Otherwise you end up either a) with people you don’t really like or b) looking like an eejit. I did a lot of the latter!

Ollie Allen, 3rd year, Maths



Try and make an effort with your flatmates whether you like them or not. Face it, you’re stuck with them for a year so you might as well be civil, even if they’re noisy, rude or downright unbearable. You might find they aren’t as bad as you first thought.