BNOC of the Year nominees: Round one

Your first batch of the biggest names in the West End

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The people have spoken, the nominations are in, and the time is now.

You lot have given us a nice bunch of popular princes and princesses for you and your peers to chose from and we’ve compiled a little description of each nominee to help the choice go down a bit smoother.

Without further ado, your first round of BNOC of the year nominations.

Jack Ryden

A prime candidate for the award. According to his friends, Ryden is already a big name around the West End due to his famous hamster January, who went missing for two weeks only to turn up in a bar on Great Western Road.

Social secretary for the biggest sports club on campus – Glasgow University Ski and Snowboard Club (GUSSC) – Jack is responsible for organising infamous nights such as Cheese and Wine, as well as the GUSSC Sub-Crawl.

A freshers’ helper for multiple years at the Union, some call him King of the Beer Bar, but will you crown him your BNOC of the year?

Axel Steinmann

If you haven’t seen this guy wandering around campus with his Bayern Munich jacket and free flowing hair blowing in the breeze, it’s time to question what you’ve been doing this year.

A constant flirt, he is always trying to graft girls, unfortunately he has been known to reveal himself on occasion.

Buckfast is his drink of choice and he wont hesitate to drink it in a lab. What a legend. You’ve probably met him before at a party too, he’s the overly loud and obnoxious guy in the corner.

Ruaridh Cameron (Bald Rugby Lad)

Most likely to be spotted in his rugby tweed and chinos, Cameron is certainly well known on campus and even on the infamous source of local news, Yik-Yak.

His superhero name is Bald Rugby Lad and he has been included in a Yak near you, it’s inevitable. His friends say his streamlined appearance helps him out with the ladies, but if you thought you were his special gal, think again, apparently he’s not picky.

Rumour has it a BNOC competition would be nothing without this social media juggernaut, but only time will tell.

Ollie Allen

This guy is who everyone wishes they could be at uni. He went out to Viper the night before his Maths exam and still managed to get an A4, most of us can’t even get that sober.

Making the people around him feel inadequate due to his popularity, this Edinburgh native has taken the West End under his wing and crowned himself King.

On the Ski Trip, someone from another uni at a different resort knew who he was, not only is he king of Gilmorehill, he’s king of the Alps too. But, the most impressive of all Allen’s traits is his blooming friendship with our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, she’ll vote for him.