Oxford follows Glasgow by divesting from fossil fuels

We’re making waves

A recent article published by The Guardian follows the exciting build up to the University of Oxford’s exciting decision on ridding itself from it’s”£3.8bn endowment of risky fossil fuel investments”.

The headline reads “Oxford University should lead the way and divest from fossil fuels’.

Come on guys, we got there last year.


Granted ours was only a pishy wee £18 million in comparison, but it’s the thought that counts.

And since we won’t be beating you in the league tables any time soon give us a bit of a break.

photo 2

Joking aside this is a very important issue and one that seems to be grabbing headlines across campuses nationwide.

And one that seems to show that students, along with lecturers, staff and alumni, still have a the power to make a difference.

So good luck next Monday Oxford. Wash your hands of those filthy fossil fuel scumbags.

And celebrate like you know we did, a tan of Tennents and two fingers up to shell.