Rising from the ashes: From SRC to Eurovision

He loves a good Eurovision pun

He may not have been elected president of the SRC but Cal Davies is making a name for himself as President of Glasgow’s very own Eurovision society.

Yep, you heard it here first.

The plucky Politics student who took a sabbatical to take on the role of Vice President of Education last year lost out to Liam King on election day.

But Cal says despite not winning in the end, the SRC taught him a lot: “These years of experience have really helped me learn how to utilise Facebook, about the power of Snapchat and probably more importantly just how to make things more interesting.

“The other benefit is knowing how it get things done fast, and who to go to to get them done even faster”

“The best thing the SRC has given me in terms of helping this society however is just the opportunity to meet a whole load of amazing people, many of which are really excited about this new club.”

The strange move from Student Representative Council to the creation of the new society has many scratching their heads.

But when asked about the idea behind the society Cal told us about his undying love for the international talent contest:

“The guys in the office as well as my poor flatmates in first year will all tell you how much I play Eurovison.

“So the idea to get everyone to come together and celebrate the greatest show on earth, it’s only now after my three years with the SRC do I feel that I might have the time to get something like this going.

“And I have an amazing team behind me as well.”

Puzzled by the premise?

Davies described some of the events that will be hosted by the club: “We will also have a few really cheesy club nights and we will also have some screenings of past contests and national selections.

“But like any good Eurovision performance, we’re stylish and substantial, the song and the outfit as it were.

“So we will also have guest speakers to come and talk about the competition and some more high-brow things like how it ties into national identity, international relations and the likes.

“Conchita wouldn’t have had it any other way!”

And to end on a high note Cal came out with this absolute corker of a Eurovision pun:

“Can you FEEL YOUR HEART BEAT, that’s because we would love to SHARE THE MOMENT with you, the moment GU Eurovision came along and made your day. So let us LIGHT YOUR FIRE, and #JOINUS as we begin BUILDING BRIDGES between all corners of this campus, because after all WE ARE ONE.”

Bet you all wish you’d voted for him now.