Sacre Bleu: University tries to ban translational dictionaries

Sign the survey to stop them

The University is trying to ban the use of dictionaries in all exams.

According to Breffni O Connor, the President of the Student Representative Council: “The University is attempting to ban the use of translational dictionaries in all exams and we are trying to fight it.”

Now the SRC is urging people who use translational dictionaries in exams to fill out a survey on their use – you can fill it out here.

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separation anxiety

Dóri Lelik, a first year psychology student from Hungary, told The Tab:  “I did bring one just in case, but I didn’t actually use it, as the time was quite short”

This seems to be the consensus with Ivan Karajz telling us: “I used one once, but it’s fucking useless, I didn’t really have time to look up the words”.

While these two clearly don’t feel the use of foreign dictionaries a necessity, if there is just one student that does, we feel that the prohibition of their use is discriminatory and should be prevented.