‘Sinister’ law student jailed for raping and torturing women

He was described as ‘a Jekyll and Hyde character’


A “monstrous” law student who raped and tortured women has been sentenced to 10 years after being convicted of a string of charges.

Michael Tupper raped two women and sexually assaulted a third over a decade long period of abuse.

The abuse happened between 2004 and 2014, involving the three women, two of which he was in relationships with. The youngest was just 16 when they started dating.

The High Court in Glasgow

The 29-year-old denied the allegations, but was told his word was “worthless” and his credibility “non-existent”.

He was told by Judge Lady Scott: “These charges show a serious course of conduct against women who were your partners at the time.

“The conduct was manipulative and violent. You clearly posed a danger to women who entered into a relationship with you.”

Tupper, 29, tortured the three women during a 10 year period, going so far as to tell one woman that he would abort her unborn child using a coat hanger.

According to the women, their relationships with him all began to spiral downhill, thanks to his possessiveness.

Prosecutor Mark McGuire told the jury: “They each spoke to him being somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde character. Caring and sweet to begin with – but later more sinister and monstrous.”

One of the women, who is now 22, dated Tupper in 2013, and spoke out against Tupper.

She said he was initially a “perfect, a brilliant person”, but changed quickly. She also claimed he chucked her cat out of a window.

The coat hanger incident happened when the young woman told Tucker that she was pregnant.

In his speech to the jury, McGuire continued: “After the first scan, he took the images, burned them and threw the ashes at her.

“He told her that he wanted her to have an abortion and that if she did not, he would do it himself with a coat hanger.”

He further sexually assaulted the woman in Glasgow’s East end in January 2014.

The two other victims have equally horrific experiences.

Another victim began their relationship in 2011.

She said that he would often lock her out of their flat in the middle of the night, when she was only wearing her pyjamas.

He also kicked her in the stomach, when she was heavily pregnant.

Despite him raping her in Ayr in 2012, her escape by headbutting him, only lead to her being arrested for assault.

But she finally got justice after the last incident in 2014.

The first victim of Tupper was only 16 when she first began dating him.

Initially describing him as “really nice”, he then began to keep hold of her bank cards and lock her out of the flat.

He raped this woman in the woods near Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

He further assaulted her while her baby was asleep near.

She stayed with him because: “I loved him. I thought we would work out.”

He will be supervised for two years, following his release.