Glaswegian student rejected by English college for ‘not having UK residency’

So much for Better Together

Sunderland college knocked back a baffled student because she wasn’t a “UK resident” – even though she lived in Glasgow.

Stacey McWee, who applied for a distance learning course in dementia care was told in an email from the college that “unfortunately they cannot take learners on that live in Scotland – you have to have UK residency.”

Stacey told the Daily Record: “When they said Scotland wasn’t part of the UK, I thought, “Er, we are”. They said they were focusing on the local area.”


The college has since apologised to the 26-year-old for the “slip-up” and claimed that they meant to say “English residency”, with the college vice principal David Howells adding: “We would like to apologise for any offence caused.”

They claim that they can only take on students from England due to funding reasons.

Stacey has since applied to a separate course in a different English college who she claims were happy to have her.