Over 10 per cent of you are bona fide West End wankers

You know who you are

Yesterday’s poll had some of you sweating into your Cup soy latte, stuffing your Waitrose shopping bags into your canvas backpack and questioning whether your sock/sandals approach to life really is putting your best foot forward.

But just because you’ve been to a few places all is not lost.

Score: 0-3

Not A West Ender 


You are unaffected by the hipsters of Hillhead and your interactions with the west end are probably limited to the subway and Tesco, where you feel reassured by their normality and familiarity.

39 per cent of you are good lads.

Score: 4-6

Kind Of A West Ender


You’ve ventured further than the subway and have experienced some of the west end’s more hipster venues, but you aren’t quite wearing head- to-toe vintage and drinking jasmine tea in lectures.

28 per cent of you are still being invited to pre.

Score: 7-10

Fairly West End


You’ve been to a fair share of organic coffee shops and are well on the way to becoming a true west end hipster.

If you want to make it to the big leagues try visiting the rest of the places on our list.

23 per cent of you are almost as annoying as vegans.

Score: 11-12

Bona-Fide West Ender


Congratulations are in order, you’re a wanker.

You know your ground from your wholebean coffee and have been to the most hipster places the west end has to offer.

Your next step will probably be appearing on ‘Overheard in The West-End’, just don’t mention anything about jaeger bombs or planking.

11 per cent of you should relocate to Shoreditch