QMU to flog Pro Green’s rider

The jokes on you Professor, you forgot your snacks

QMU are going to sell the goodies Professor Green didn’t pick up when he bailed on his concert last week.

The rapper left his fans feeling not as lucky as his hardcore neck tat would let on when he decided not to step out on stage during refreshers week.

And he was already at the venue when he cancelled. Not cool Pro Green, not cool at all.

But don’t fear. If you were one of the few who turned up to his show you may be interested to know his rider is being flogged by the QMU.

If this isn't a rollover we don't know what is.

If this isn’t a rollover we don’t know what is.

One lucky person will be thanking him for his diva ways. The event runners are giving Glasgow Uni students the opportunity to win what, Mr Stephen Manderson demanded for his dressing room

Some might say a prize to compensate for his flakiness.


The big win includes an array of his favourite drinks and snacks, wow. If only it had been one of the big-time divas that pied us.

Mariah Carey’s said to have asked for champagne, puppies and kittens in her time.

If you’re gonna throw a strop Pro Green, do it right.