The Glasgow Uni Fashion Show models are gorgeous

Where are these fitties on a night out in Viper?

We’re all attracted to objects of beauty be it in the form of a natural waterfall, a large chicken feast dominos or a chiseled 6″1′ hunk of a model.

blake T

So in true Unay fashion, Glasgow is jumping on the bandwagon and putting on a fashion show starring our very own co-eds.

And look how fit they all are.

High brow

High brow

University charity fashion shows (and their notorious after parties) are staple dates for the calender of any gregarious socialite student BNOC looking to fling on their gladrags.

GUCFS is raising money for the Beatson pebble appeal which aids in supplying cutting edge equipment and facilities for their cancer research centre.

Pretty people being pretty for charity

Pretty people being pretty

St. Andrews University has paved the way in the last decade raising over £340,000 for worthwhile charities since their first charity fashion show in 1991 – there is potential for serious fundraising in these events.

Now, a team of Glasgow University students spearhead a similar display of debauchery,  kicking off GUCFS: Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show.

The event, to be held in the beautiful Hunter Halls of GU’s Main Building at the end of February will see some of GU’s freshest-faced students exhibit the work of up and coming Scottish and British designers.

In addition, sponsors include Morgan and Stanley and Stolichnaya vodka to name but a few but we’ve been told the rest are a secret.

Oh the allure.

girl 1

Hold yourself together now

The fashion is all fine and well but if you’re not one for remarking on the edgy pattern on what you think is a dress then perhaps the after party will be of more interest. Held in a top secret location, the after party or ‘Dawn’ as it’s seductively titled, promises to be a wild night shrouded in intrigue.

Throwing shapes to Uptown Funk with those you previously watch sashay down the runway with the utmost finesse is reason enough to go.

After Dark initially screams civility and class but flips to a secret (and we are pretty sure champagne-drenched) party with guest DJs offering a night of high society and at the same time decadent indulgence.

It’s for all for charity so the more Bollinger you tank the better a person you are.

Smile like you mean it

Smile like you mean it

So if you’re going to throw on your tux, it might as well be for a good cause. And if you’re going to attend a secret after party you should dance that bit harder knowing it’s for charity.

Fashion, fun, philanthropy. All in a days work.

(Copyright: all photos used with permission of GUCFS)