Loo-vely: Derelict toilets in the West End to reopen as cafe

It doesn’t get any more hipster than this

If you didn’t think there were enough cafes in the West End of Glasgow, you’re in for a treat.

Next to Kelvingrove Park, at the latter end of Gibson Street, an exciting new cafe is to be built inside the derelict block of toilets that have been sitting unused for 25 years.

And they say you cannae polish a turd!

Stephen King, the new owner, is planning to transform the block of derelict toilets (filled with god knows what) into a community cafe, where (f)arts and crafts activities are proposed to take place.

Just a stone's throw away from uni.

Just a stone’s throw away from uni.

What’s else, the he’s looking at making this welcome addition to the west end as accessible as possible to every walk of life.

He said he wanted to “set up a community hub offering a range of services, including the start of a free mobility scooter hire fleet for the disabled”.

In the proposed plans, Stephen says it “includes a roof terrace which will be used for extra space as well as a piece of land which can be set up for mobility scooter parking”.

Remember your sunscreen if you’re going to use the roof terrace though, you wouldn’t want to be burnt by that glorious Glasgow sunshine.

The new hangout spot from summer 2015.

The new hangout spot from summer 2015.

Another interesting difference is that the cafe will be hiring “people will minor criminal convictions, as well as the scooter hire which will be run by people with minor disabilities”.

“We want to help people who are faced with barriers to employment and mix them in areas that they would not usually be involved in.”

Planning permission was granted last week, and hopes to be built by this summer.

That is assuming they can clear all the crap out by then, literally.

Looks like Eldon Street is becoming the new hipster central of the West End.