Glasgow freshers advertise hilarious service to eject unwelcome bedmates


Woken up with more than just a hangover?

Three Glasgow freshers are offering a service to get rid of that one night stand who just won’t leave.

Evie Donaldson, Molly MacDiarmid and Charlotte Strachan have launched “Slagathachristie” that promises to “take care of all your problematic one night stand needs.”

Their ad on their halls Facebook page reads: “Hate the morning after? Kick them out before it arrives!

“Our team of top actors will be there to intervene and act out a scenario which will ensure your one night stand goes running for the hills.”

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The inventive trio hatched the idea after a hectic week of no sleep. Evie said: “We were deliriously tired. We’d been out two nights before and then the second I ended up in hospital because I drank 60 per cent vodka, so none of us had slept in 48 hours.

“We were chatting about how to hypothetically scare off one of our guy mate’s one night stands because my best friend lives in the next room and is always woken up by him bringing girls back.

“We were talking about it and thought it would be funny if we stormed in on him, so we started acting out this whole thing and it escalated from that. If we heard him coming back with someone we could burst in and ensure our friend’s night wasn’t ruined.


The mischievous threesome.

“We made up this elaborate story about all three of us being his girlfriend who walks in on him at different point in the night.

“We all agreed if the girl played along and didn’t call us out as joking then she was the one.

They then realised they could provide this extraction service to their fellow residents at Cairncross.

“We then thought it would be funny to go into other people’s rooms and catch them in the act and get them out.

“It could be for the neighbours being kept up or for the folk who want to avoid the awkward morning after chat.”

But so far no one has contacted the girls: “We were hoping we’d get a message from a drunk guy needing our help, but no one’s been in touch yet. But we’re hopeful.

“To be honest, if we’d been drinking we’d probably do it. If we had any aklcohol in us we’d turn up to the door an actually do it.

“In fact, that’s why we didn’t put our real numbers on the post because if we were on a night out we’d definitely think it was funny to do for real.

“We figured we should keep it a joke for now.

Some people just don't get the hint.

Some people just don’t get the hint.

“Also it’s different for strangers. What if the girl was an actual psycho and battered the guy – you don’t know how people would react in that situation but that’s part of the fun of it.”

Thankfully the girls’ mates think the idea is pretty funny and aren’t worried about them bursting in: “All of our guy mates are quite light-hearted and think it’s funny. Even the guy we were originally going to do it to thought it was hilarious.

“But that’s for a one night stand. They wouldn’t find it as funny if it was a girlfriend.”

But despite the ballsy plan, the girls agree they don’t know what they’d do if they were one of the girls caught out. Evie said: “To be honest, I’m the most awkward person in the world.

“I’d either laugh and then leave or just run away.”