If you eat 9/10 of these foods you’re officially an Exe-tah student

If you’ve got more than four of these food items in your cupboards you are officially bougie


You may have thought you’d gotten away with your outrageous bougie food choices, but you were wrong because you’re about to be exposed. We have comprised the ultimate list of food items that scream Exet-ah, from dinner party must-haves to your choice of ready meal. Apologies if you feel personally attacked whilst reading this, but really, what did you expect?

1. Brie and Cranberry wrap

If you’re making yourself a brie and cranberry sauce wrap, you have just outed yourself as the most Exetah student on campus. Is cranberry sauce really an essential item? I mean, what happened to a simple ham and cheese?

2. Camembert and crackers

“Rah pass me the crackers”. Another fancy favourite among cheese lovers, melted camembert is a must-have for your Exe-tah dinner party. Extra points if you’re devouring this gooey goodness with a glass of red wine (that’s not from Saunders).

3. Avocado and poached eggs on sourdough toast

Let’s be honest, you’re either trying to recreate the brunch you’ve had at Pure Vida or you claim to be an absolute health queen. Although it has to be said there’s no better way to start your day than smashed avocado on toast, even if it does mean you’re a little bit rah.

4. Sun-dried tomatoes

This is another food item that will make your sandwiches that 10 per cent more Exetah. If you’re adding these to your food order, you are one of the most sophisticated eaters in Exeter. 

5. Cream cheese and smoked salmon bagels

Of course, this had to make the list. Now, this is one unbeatable combo that Market Place is missing… If you’ve got a packet of smoked salmon in your fridge, you’re telling me you probably vote Tory. You also probably get your weekly food shop from Waitrose. But we’re not judging, cream cheese and smoked salmon really does hit different.

6.  Sushi

*Runs to Waitrose* (don’t deny it, we’ve seen you).








7. Humous

Another versatile (middle-class) condiment, perfect with some carrot sticks for a healthy snack – although apparently it doesn’t count as a meal, even if you’ve eaten an entire pot.

8. Cheese Fondue

I mean you’re just asking for it if you’re hosting a fondue night for your housemates. You’re also likely to be a member of Wine Soc.

9. Charlie Bingham’s ready meals

You could have just gone for a Morrison’s own ready meal but that doesn’t quite feel like home to you does it? Yes, it still counts even if you’ve spotted one in the reduced section, you bougie baby.

10. Bird & Blend Tea

Being British, many of us love a cup of tea. If you’re drinking tea from a branded tea company such as Bird & Blend or T2, you really do put the rah in Exetah.

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