Eight things easier than signing a student house in Exeter

Graduating. Twice

Picture this: you’ve just settled into your new accommodation – whether this be your “I can’t believe we’re at university!” first-year halls, the real slice of adulthood in your second-year house, or your third-year house (if you’ve hung on that long) – very soon, too soon, the subject of next year’s housing wriggles its way into conversation.

Then, the stress sinks in, slowly; irrevocably, you frantically hustle a group together to start Googling accommodation options, not quite knowing where to look or how the process works, but it feels like a productive thing to do.

And, the results? You guessed it: a selection of small, fragile shacks which don’t quite look fit for human habitation, or houses going for a concerningly steep £180-200 (give or take) per week. Securing a house which doesn’t break the bank and isn’t prone to any vermin or slug infestations (speaking from experience) is a truly remarkable feat.

So, with that, here’s a list of eight things easier than that traumatic, panic-stricken, soul-destroying experience of finding (and signing) a student house in Exeter:

1. Getting a stable connection to Eduroam

It’s not just me is it? Still, you’ll have more luck connecting to uni WiFi than getting a response back from a letting agent.

2. Finding a space on Fever’s disco dance floor

Once you squeeze your way in, there’s no way back out.

3. Not getting scammed on Overheard

Always check their Facebook profile – some of us had to learn the hard way.

And whilst we’re on the topic, please give your potential future home a thorough check over before you sign anything.

4. Trekking back home with the weekly food shop

Aching shoulders. Fingers white from the weight of your bags. The first drops of rain falling is the final nail in the coffin. Nonetheless, it’s still a preferable experience to the haunting burden of being potentially homeless next year.

5. Meal prepping

Do people actually do this?

6. Running up cardiac hill

Not walking…but running. RUNNING up cardiac hill is an easier task than the yearly house search.

7. “Finding the balance”

Four years in and I’m still yet to figure out how people manage to get their lives together.

8. Getting your goddamn degree

Think about it. For uni, the content is all laid out for you, there’s some form of structure in place, and there’s a degree waiting on the other end of your hard work.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the house search: weeks and months of searching and who knows if there’ll be a house on the other side – sorry.

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