Uni of Exeter rock to be moved off campus due to Covid guidelines

*cries in no diss Insta pics*

Announced to The Exeter Tab today, Exeter University have revealed they are removing the campus rock due to the potential breach of Covid-19 regulations it could cause.

Primarily, the university’s concern is that people taking dissertation hand-in photos in front of the rock will lead to a lack of social distancing and therefore will go against the current Covid-19 guidelines.

Realistically, the risk of contagion is incredibly small, but they university has said: “It’s not a risk we’re willing to take”.

Indeed, this will be sad news for many final year students, who will be unable to take the classic diss Insta pics next to the rock.

Last year, students were also unable to take photos in front of the rock due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Many students took to Photoshop to edit themselves next to the rock, which students finishing their dissertations this year will also realistically have to do.

Final year student Michael, spoke to The Exeter Tab, saying: “I think this is absolute madness.

“Over cautiousness is how I would describe this move from the university.

“Obviously this is a disappointment for every final year student who is doing a dissertation. How will my Instagram page ever recover?”

Luckily for us, we still have trusty Photoshop to help us out.

Sadly, however, it’s not quite the real thing.

Check the first letter of each sentence. You’ll still be able to get those fire Insta diss-hand in pics, don’t worry.

Happy April Fools!