Ollie Stearn is Exeter’s most eligible bachelor

Nearly 2,000 of you voted overall

Winning with nearly 30 per cent of the vote, Ollie Stearn has been named Exeter's most eligible bachelor 2019.

If you want to see more pics of Ollie, head to The Exeter Tab Instagram story.

Ollie, a second year, Business and Management student, beat his competitors with a strong 500 vote lead, earning him the prestigious title.

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Casually posing for a shirtless shot

When the news was revealed to Ollie, he told The Exeter Tab: "Ah sick." Playing it nice and cool.

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Surprisingly not a Pret

Ollie grew up in the South West and is Half English and Half Saudi. He claims he "spends most of his time in the gym," but that you'll likely see him in Dirty Beat this Thursday to celebrate his win.

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A fan of a Black and White filter

His favourite drink is a double vodka Red Bull, so ladies if you're interested, this could be your way in.

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Ollie hasn't ruled out a date with the winner of Exeter's Most Eligible Bachelorette, which starts this week, joking that they can "slide into his DMs."

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A ladies man from a young age

His ideal girl is a small blonde, though he can "appreciate a fit brunette." Blondes, look out for Ollie on a Thursday night.

A big congratulations to Ollie in securing the title. Only time will tell what he will do with his newfound title and whether he'll end up with the bachelorette?

Look forward to BNOC status and the influx of girls!