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Fashion in the Forum: Week Nine

Not a sports legging in sight

Some people's inclination at this stage in the term may be to whack on the first pair of sweats they find. But not this lot!! These dreamboats know that the Forum is not only a place of study, but a social hotspot to parade their best outfits.

Tally, third year, Anthropology

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This smiley anthropologist pairs her dungarees with an off the shoulder top from Depop. I am sure you have now clocked that wearing dungarees is a fail safe way to stardom in these articles so get yourself down to Sobey's to cop the same dungas as Tally!

Izzy, second year, Art History & Visual Culture

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Time to dig up your battered D of E hiking boots ladies! The boots status has been elevated thanks to designers like Ganni and Gucci. And yes, they absolutely should be as heavy duty as the real deals. Izzy's are from Office.

Kris, first year, Management & Marketing

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Kris is keeping nice n snug in galatic puffer jacket she got in China. Her trousers are from H&M and she pairs them with some classic white high top Nike Air Force 1s.

Oscar, second year, Engineering

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Oscar is brining high fashion to the forum this week. His bag is Goyard and his sweatshirt is from streetwear brand Ih Nom Uh Nit.

Hugo, second year, English & Art History & Visual Culture

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Hugo takes a firm stance looking down on at his "fans" in the Forum. Hugo's subtly checked tailored coat is a gem from Mango and his shoes are, of course, the highly coveted Comme des Garcons Converse.

Jess, second year, Art History & Visual Culture

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Second year Jess rocks a sleek monochrome look. Her jumper is a steal from Primark and her trousers are French Connection. 10/10 smize too.

Stacey, first year, Business & Economics

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First year Stacey demonstrates just how cool saving the planet really is (shout out to her reusable coffee cup). Her pilot jacket is from French Connection and she pairs it with some trusty black Fila Disrupters.

Edie, third year, Art History & Visual Culture

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Yes, this is the fourth Art Historian of the week – absolutely not a biased article, they just are always immaculately dressed! And Edie is no exception. However, characteristically her garms are nearly all from Charity Shops (the Nike Air Force 1s only £11 in Cancer Research on the high street?!). You can however find her excellent, and very practical, backpack at Ikea.

Tobi, third year

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Tobi, clearly elated to be featured, braves the cold to show off his vintage Harley Davidson tee. He keeps his look simple with a pair of white velcro Raf Simmons trainers.

Lila, third year, Liberal Arts & English

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Our final fashionista of the week Lila is here to brighten your day in her vintage yellow turtle neck (clock the matching socks). Her trainers are from Veja.