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It’s official: Tori Robinson is Exeter’s most eligible bachelorette

The people have spoken…

Winning nearly 50 per cent of the votes, Tori Robinson is officially Exeter's most eligible bachelorette 2018.

With a collosal 1480 votes she is the University's most sought after lady.

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She even has a dog…

Upon hearing of her electoral success Tori is "absolutely buzzing", hoping her victory will set her up perfectly for her upcoming Love Island application (seriously). Tori will be celebrating in style this Wednesday Timepiece.

As she has an allergy to beer, wine and champagne she'll be making it up with a generous dosing of Jäegerbombs, tropical VKs and a Rugby Lad. This is set to be a big one.

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But Tori does not just drink away her allowance at Timepiece and Pret. She's intelligent: she's in her third year studying Law and already sorted with a London grad job.

She's sporty, having played first team for her school basketball team. She's also fantastically exotic. Whilst being a proper Exeter Surrey girl Tori's been to 27 countries, lived in New York City, Hong Kong, Australia and is even a quarter Malaysian Chinese.

Yet despite her travels, it is the fine upstanding Englishman who she is most after. "Tall, dark and handsome" is the ideal she surmises . Though, naturally she has her standards and would "never drop below an 8/10".

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No fake tans here

Yet Tori is not just after a fitty, or heaven forbid, her greatest turnoff of all, the "fuckboy". Gentlemanly ideals are of the highest order here. Yes that's right, if you want a second date from Tori, doors will have to be opened, chairs pulled out and drinks poured. We're talking James Bond style: charming, sharply dressed, athletic and confident, with looks to kill. She wants nothing less than the royal treatment.

Her favourite place to be wined and dined is local Argentinian restaurant Circa – great steak, great cocktails and great chat make for the perfect date according to Tori.

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When asked why she is still single she claims it's because "boys are dicks". Take note lads, sort out your manners and treat a woman right and you could well be dating Tori Robinson.

Brains, beauty and now a newfound title – congratulations Tori! She even said she would be up for a date with Exeter's most eligible bachelor, Victor Menezes. "That is if he is in to Cougars" she disclaims, though this is not likely to be in an issue for young Victor.

Could this be Exeter's fittest couple? Only time will tell.