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These are the best places for you to cry on campus

January blues are real

So maybe your exams didn't go so well, you're missing mum's home cooking, the prospect of an 8:30 three times a week is all too much. Whatever the reason, here is your definitive list of the top 5 places to cry on campus.

1. Gym – tears? It's just sweat

Having managed to choke back the tears on perhaps the longest hill in the UK, Streatham sports park is the shining beacon that houses chiselled beasts. The gym has long been a place that not only causes tears but also provides a clever disguise for the inevitable tsunami of sweat the moment you step onto the treadmill. If the actual gym isn't your scene, the changing rooms offer a great place to hide and weep where you're less likely to run into that guy you got with in timepiece. 6/10 recommend.

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2. The grass behind XFI

Sometimes crying is quite therapeutic and what better place to cleanse the soul than out amongst some sort of nature. Sometimes a reminder that Exeter is the UK's greenest campus is grounding (doesn't everyone know that there are more trees than students here…) Think about that when you're crying. 7/10 recommend.

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3. Moberly

It's safe to say no-one's first choice for halls is Moberly and for those unfortunate few, crying is inevitable. So what better place to lament than in the cold, concrete halls that prompt even the most fearless students to a blubbering mess. WARNING – Moberly is located at the bottom of cardiac hill, attempts to walk back up it may result in excessive sobbing. 4/10 recommend.

4. Library

With plenty of hidden nooks and crannies, you're sure to be able to find a place to sit and cry. Well not sit, unless you're there by 7am. The presence of everyone pretending to work around you may add fuel to an already stressed fire, so it may be best to hide in between the shelves in the lasok law library. Because after all, who actually gets books out of the library? Silent sniffling only please. 5/10 recommend.

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5. Lemmy

Stuck to the floor, covered in VKs and listening to S Club 7, it's enough to bring a tear to the eye. Or a few tears. Luckily, as the most tragic place on campus, crying in the lemmy is more common than you'd think. What's more, the good people from Christian Union are always on hand at the end of the night to provide a jam sandwich and if that can't cheer you up – nothing can. 9/10 recommend.