The ultimate Exeter bucket list

Just in time for term two, you have been challenged

As we head into the new term, it’s time to tick-off some Exetah must-do things. Whether you’re a fresher or a finalist, the ultimate Exeter Bucket List is for you.

Get a free Pret

Because nothing is better for your deadline addled brain than coffee, and all the better if its free. Inside sources say looking tired, sad or disheveled will heighten your chances of a sympathy latte.

Take over the mic at Friday TP

You were only there for a chilled one but a few jager bombs in and it’s your time to shine. So shimmy on over to that wooden hut of dreams and tell that acoustic act to do one. Who wouldn’t want to hear your rendition of mans not hot?

Make a move on your library bae

How long have you been longingly gazing at them? Enough of that essay, it’s time to make romance happen. Nod suggestively at a group study room and leave the rest up to fate.

Wear pyjamas to campus

High-end fashionistas have been promoting pyjamas or ‘louche loungewear’ as daywear since 2015. So why not bring the trend back to reality with your M&S dressing gown and flounce about campus with the confidence of Cara D.

Do a naked lap at Rugby Varsity

Get naked, get get get naked. Fittingly scheduled for Valentine’s day, seize the opportunity and give half of Exeter an eyeful. See who comes looking for you at the TP afterparty, it’s just a matter of time.

Get in the DJ booth at Lemmy

Drop a beat, ditch your morals, down your VK.

Become Gemma Collins’ BFF

These lucky ladies arranged a takeaway with GC after she saw their life-sized cutout. Who’s to say we can’t get the number one Essex queen down to Exeter for the ultimate chilled TP. Take to Twitter people, make it happen.

Smuggle food into the club

Why leave the night out for your nuggets when you can bring them along for the ride?! Take your doner kebab to the dance floor. Guaranteed popularity will follow.

Knock out your nemesis at Fight Night

You’ve been storing up some rage and now it’s time to let it out. Bye Felicia.