Victor Menezes is Exeter’s most eligible bachelor

Brazilian bachelor alert

Winning with over 40% of the votes Victor Menezes is officially Exeter's most eligible bachelor 2017.

Victor, a second year student, beat his competitors with a whopping 1,277 votes, making him the most wanted man on campus.

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Ladies celebrating the coronation

When it was revealed that he had won the title, the Medical Sciences student told the Tab "nah I knew it…but fair play to Sam Keat, he was tough to beat." When asked how he was going to celebrate there was no hesitation "huge Monday night fever with the lads."

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Dunking on that title

When not in Exeter breaking hearts, Victor (6ft 1) can be found roaming the streets of Brazil with his dog, a shitzu called Scotty T. No this isn't an elaborate tinder bio he genuinley lives in Brazil, is 6ft 1 and named his dog Scotty T.

Who this is or why his face is on Scotty T we may never know

In the initial rounds of the competion Victor's housemates promised that "if he wins our whole house will do a jug each and post it on the Tab." It's uncertain for now whether they'll step up to the challenge but Victor has assured us that he'll complete it if they fail to keep their promise. What a hero.

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The face of a man dreading the jug

As a second year, Victor is still finding his way in the dating world. When asked about his dream girl he stated "don't know about my perfect girl but minimum 9/10." Shoot for the stars and you may land on a cloud…or this years most eligible bachelorette. Victor is open to the idea of going on a wee date with the winner of the girls round, saying that "yes would be down for that" swiftly followed by "probably already got with her lol."

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Cable ties optional

For those of you without an active imagination we've complided a detailed description of Victor's dream date senario for you to mull over. "First things first, she turns up. Next we have a nice steak, wine, gd chat and she laughs at my average jokes…next I order a load more alcohol (as any gd lad would do – purely to get to know their personality.) Then we go out to fever, I manage not to get kicked out. Finally, we wake up in my bed next morning, she says we drank a lot last night."

A big congratulations to Victor and his face in securing the title. What he will do with his newfound title and whether he'll end up with our bachellorette? Only time will tell.

Ready yourself for the girls…