One of Exeter’s Jailbreak teams reached New York, setting a new record

Others reached as far as Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria

Just 31 hours after teams broke out of the Forum, team ‘See EU Later’ touched down at JFK International Airport, breaking the all-time record at Exeter.

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Using none of their own money (even close friends and family couldn’t help them travel), Exeter’s Jailbreak teams travelled a distance equivalent to the circumference of the world – twice.

Exeter RAG’s Jailbreak is now well on the way to smashing last year’s fundraising total, supporting Cancer Research UK, Balloons Devon and Exeter Student Volunteers.

Event manager Hope Hughes spent more than 36 hours awake with RAG volunteers tracking the teams. She couldn’t give a quote because she’s asleep but she’s probably proud.

So, who got the furthest?

You can check how far each team got here:

Or by clicking here.

The Final Destinations

London, England | 322 km from Exeter

Men with Ven
The Procrastinators
The Runaways
Lost Property
Taco Mein and Chips
Freddie Fork’s Barmy Army

Manchester, England | 392 km from Exeter


Dover, England | 398 km from Exeter

An and Chlo Go Universal

Essex, England | 417 km from Exeter

Travelling Light
Exeter Uni-Corn

Huddersfield, England | 445 km from Exeter


Brussels, Belgium | 639 km from Exeter

Unit 1 to Timbuktu

Rouen, France | 651 km from Exeter

Destination: Pending
The Fleeing Fairies

Edinburgh, Scotland | 723 km from Exeter

Neuro Nomads

Dalwhinnie, Scotland | 883 km from Exeter

Give us a Break

Paris, France | 731 km from Exeter

Got Nugs?
Holy Spirits
Leg Soc

Maastricht, Holland | 758 km from Exeter

LopesAmsterdam, Netherlands | 808 km from Exeter

Honeymoon Hitchhikers
Something Witty

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg | 854 km from Exeter

The Schmusis

Kasel, Germany: | 917 km from Exeter


Aberdeen, Scotland | 934 km from Exeter

Xpression FM

Bordeaux, France | 1,104 km from Exeter

3 Lost Birds

Geneva, Switzerland | 1,160 km from Exeter

Jungle Jailbreakers

Copenhagen, Denmark | 1,203 km from Exeter

Moberly Inmates
We’re on a (Jail) Break

Barcelona, Spain | 1,227 km from Exeter
Team Banana

Isabelle, Danielle and Anisha

Valencia, Spain | 1,276 km from Exeter


Malmö, Sweden | 1,386 km from Exeter

Eloise and Maya Go Global

Prague, Czech Republic | 1,531 km

Gimps on Tour

Milan, Italy | 1,570km from Exeter

Chocolate Teddies

Budapest, Hungary | 1,676 km from Exeter

Hot Cows
Cheesy Sausage

Warsaw, Poland | 1,701 km from Exeter


Bucharest, Romania | 2,160 km from Exeter

Freddie Furkuo’s Barmy Army

The Canary Islands, Spain | 2,729 km from Exeter

Just Hitched
Antarctica or Bust
Escape from Exeter
Team Arize
Great British Takeoff
John’s Jailbirds
Exe Kongvicts
Alpaca Your Bags
Jersey Crapaud

Sofia, Bulgaria | 2,755 km from Exeter

Josh and Theo

Larnaca, Cyprus | 3,421 km from Exeter

Travelling Light
Exeter Uni-corns
The Crate Execape

New York, USA | 5,367 km from Exeter

See EU Later

You can see the fundraising progress and donate to your favourite team here.